Thinking Into Results in Action – Powerful Examples

“I was able to focus on my goal instead of letting myself being taking over by fear of failure. I am still scratching my head about the results from last weekend`s rides.  I would have never done it if Ulrike hadn`t insisted on pushing myself, but in a quiet, self confident way. My horse felt that I wasn`t desperate as usual, just quietly approaching a new stepping stone… she felt a quiet, confident leader and followed me, what an awesome feeling! I have the key to future success now!” M.O.  Equestrian/ dressage rider, she was riding her first Prix St. George dressage test and received the Silver Medal from USDF.

I just thought it worth relating our experience of USING TIR in our own life to create the results we desire in our own life.

My partner, Deb and I live in a rural area of southwestern Virginia.  We decided over a year ago that we wanted to move to Florida and live in a house on the beach by August, 2011.  The vision of that move and the house and the life in Florida has been incorporated into our visualizations, our recordings of those visualizations, our goal cards – it’s just GOING to happen – even though we really didn’t have a clue as to the HOW.  In the interest of committed decision and continual action, we knew that because of the real estate market in this area we needed to put our house on the market in March (last month) so that we didn’t end up getting to August still owning a house in Virginia.  A few weeks ago, Deb was driving home from taking her daughter to a college audition and realized in an “OH SH!T” moment that it was almost March and we had done very little to get ready to put the house on the market aside from clearing out some excess “stuff.”

So, we contacted a realtor and had her come and assess the house to see what we needed to do, which included painting the entire interior, pressure washing the entire exterior, landscaping, removing furniture – it was a big list and it was March 1!!!!!  We began to write our visualization of how the sale of the house would proceed (in one of my visualizations I wrote that the contract would be signed on March 21), we actually scheduled the closing in our Outlook calendars for 10:00am on April 29.  We told our realtor when we were closing and she laughed in our face!  However, by March 15 all the contract work was complete and the house looked brand new.  Our realtor sent out a “preview” blast to other agencies in the area and the listing was set to hit the MLS on March 17.

Before the listing actually showed up on the MLS we had a call from another agent who asked to preview the house.  After she toured it she was very excited about having a particular client see it and asked if she could bring her back that evening.  She did and the client was very happy and called her husband to come down from Washington, DC right away to see it.  He did and he loved it.  Meanwhile we continued to visualize THAT couple purchasing our home, moving in, having parties, raising their children and growing as a family in this house.  On Sunday, our broker called us incredulous.  She had just received an offer from the couple to purchase our home for our price, with no contingencies, and requested closing on April 29!!!

In what everyone was telling us was a horrendous real estate market, we manifested the sale of our home from “OH SH!T” moment driving home from Ohio to signed offer in 3 weeks.  The house was on the market for only THREE DAYS!!  People are positively astonished by what has occurred.

Then we took it one step further.  If we could manifest a home sale, how about a home purchase?  We were traveling to south Florida to help conduct the last live LifeSuccess Consultant training and we were planning to spend one day in the area where we want to live when we move here in August.  We decided that we would find the perfect house at the price we wanted to pay during that ONE DAY.  We had NO idea where the financing would come from (being self employed tends to make conventional lenders a big hesitant), but we knew it would come.  So, we spent all day Saturday with a realtor who planned to show us all the houses that were for sale that met our criteria.  We found our house at 5pm on Saturday – it is absolutely PERFECT for us and meets every criteria we have and then some.

We made an offer on the house on our way to Delray Beach on Sunday morning.  On Monday morning Deb receives a call from a mortgage lender who says, “I hear from a friend that you need financing to purchase a home, how can we win your business?”  WHAT???  Then our offer was accepted on Wednesday and our loan approval documentation was received on Thursday.  We are heading to the home inspection in one hour.

Don’t ever tell us that you can’t manifest your dreams through purposeful decision, action, faith and visualization!!                                                                                                       Angie

“I spent four years in medical school and five years in psychiatric training that included a two year fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  I have learned more through Bob Proctor and his teachings about the unconscious or subconscious mind than in all my years of training.”

John M. Mike, M.D.

“In more than 25 years in the business, I’ve never see or heard of an individual who has such an impact on the results of a sales organization.  And, the impact extends far beyond just sales results.  I’d highly recommend listening to Bob Proctor.”

Barry Place, Vice President – Imperial Life Insurance

“Since meeting and working with Bob Proctor and his team, I have experienced extraordinary results in my life. My attitude has gone from good to great and on the way to extraordinary. This is a result of better understanding how my mind works which in turn influences my feelings, actions and results.

I was already a successful millionaire, entrepreneur. . I now better understand how that occurred to leverage the value of my time and activities.  Over the past 6 months since working with Bob, my energy, skills and service have all increased.  We expanded our client base from PA to surrounding states with quality clients. Eventually, we will expand globally.

The economy today is perceived by many to be challenging; however, my attitude shifted from a perception of lack to being inspired and creative with a belief that anything is possible. Our backlog of work has increased 60%, all employees are working productively, and we’re hiring talented team members. Amazing! I am so happy and grateful!

                                                Barry L. Schlouch