What Does Your Word Mean?

I  just had to stop and write because one minute ago I told myself that I was going to do something when .  .  .  You know what I mean, you’ve done that I am sure? I almost broke my word but instead I sat down at the keyboard and started writing.  

What does my word mean?  I thought that I had this one nailed shut, when I tell someone I am going to do something for them, they can count on me 100%.  I still believe that to be true because I work at sticking to that commitment by writing it in my day timer, setting a reminder in my smart phone, telling others what my plan is, and repeating that task either out loud or in my head often.  These are all really effective ways of following through.  I pride myself in being reliable and others know that about me.  However, I have come to realize that I am not so committed to myself lately.  My mentor shared with me his definition of discipline, it is:  “when you give yourself a command and follow it”, it’s that simple.  When I give myself a command, regardless of whether it is to serve someone else or MYSELF, I need to be able to count on MY word!  If I can’t count on me I am in BIG trouble. When I do not do what I tell myself to do it is very clear that my word does mean very much at all.  As they say in poker, I am either “all in” or I am not.  I have been trying very hard to fool myself and it does not work.  

If I say that I’m not going to have that piece of chocolate cake or I am going to do my filing first thing tomorrow morning I better be able follow those instructions.  It is so tempting to make excuses or simple not do it.  After all what harm is there in putting off my filing till another day? It’s not going anywhere.  But there is harm, in this case the filing needs to be done for several reasons, the pile just keeps growing, my desk gets more cluttered, I can’t find what I need when I need it and most importantly I FEEL BETTER WHEN MY LIFE IS ORGANIZED.  I believe that everyone feels better when there is ORDER in their lives.  

No Exceptions!  Discipline is a magnificent virtue, when I give myself a command I am going to follow it, otherwise my word does not mean anything!  Does it?

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