Dale Carnegie said:  “Happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have.  It depends solely on what you think.”

These words are so powerful and true, this is fact.  You can “become” happy by simply changing one thought.  What you imagine, right now, controls your feeling.  And it works both ways.  If you are thinking sad, disappointing, discouraging, lonely, or angry thoughts you ARE going to feel that way.  You may not stay that way but at least for a moment you can be in that “feeling”.  On the other hand if you continue to think happy, tender, joyful, pleasing, fulfilling, and loving thoughts you are going to “feel” those exact thoughts.  You will be “HAPPY”.

Make today the start of a life long journey.

The journey is not “TO” happiness, the journey is  “I AM HAPPY“.

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