Every kid dreams when they are little, I was no exception.  Some of my dreams were outrageous, or so I thought.  Some of my dreams were very simple minded and “ordinary” ,or so I thought.  Many of my dreams I have accomplished and along the way I realized that I should never stop dreaming because it’s those dreams that make life worth living.

I dreamed that I would be a mother.  That we would have all of the things I had and more.  That motherhood would be my profession!  I did meet and marry the man who not only captured my heart but was my best friend.  We still enjoy a solid relationship built on the things that we enjoy doing and on a faith that is unwavering.  Our five children fill me with pride and joy, my dream and profession became my reality.  I am now not only enjoying being a mother but also “Nana” to three grandchildren.  Ahhh, life is good!

I dreamed that I would travel.  Before I married I had a few trips that got me started.  Mexico, the Caribbean, and a Europe tour that was unforgettable!  When the kids were small our travel was mostly be car, camping to our hearts content with family and friends.   I found that I was still dreaming though, I wanted to take my kids further to see more of the world around us.  We explored various parts of the western United States and one car trip to Ontario that will forever be etched in all of our memories.  Every morning we would start out in the car singing “Oh Canada”.  Ahhh, life is good!

The kids grew quickly, the time had passed, and although motherhood never ends I started to dream about what’s next.  Many times I had said to my husband that I didn’t know what I would do next except that I wanted to speak and help others.  Personal growth had always been important to me, I never want to stop learning and growing.  I had dreamed of meeting Bob Proctor, world renowned “Master of the Mind”, one thing led to another and in January of 2014 my dream became a reality.  Not only was I meeting Bob Proctor, but I had teamed up with him and his company, Proctor Gallagher Institute, to share with the world what has always been my passion, personal growth and following your dreams.  Having dinner at Bob’s house was more than I asked for!!  Ahhh, life is good!

I still feel like a kid.  I’m still dreaming and my dreams are getting bigger and bigger.  I will never underestimate the power of my dreams because as you can see my dreams have become my reality.  I’m Liv’n My Dream!

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